Scard Don't Heal                                  
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  This woman (anonymous) who is very dear to me, shares the story of her personal experience involving her ordeal with Uterus cancer. What was suppose to be a simple procedure, due to medical negligence, led to several surgeries, which took her close to the end of her life. She is still recovering from her post-traumatic stress caused by numerous invasive procedures that took place on the month of June in 2009. The surgeon's negligence resulted in what was discovered to be a hole in her intestine. Within a few hours this brought her to the brink of death due to an internal developing infection. What was to ensue were a series of several complicated surgeries, leaving her on life support as her intestines exposed for the infection to be manually removed. During this time, she slipped into a coma, and after a few days came back to a conscious state.

   The recovery has been slow and painful with more operations scheduled in the future. In this documentary I have wholeheartedly attempted to act as a conduit for this woman's personal interpretation of her traumatic ordeal. This has been a chance for her to prove to the world that she exists again, after being weakened both physically and mentally to a state of helplessness. This series has given her a stage to reassert her vigor, and be recognized as a testament to will power and hope in the times of uncertainty and darkness.


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